Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Confession of a TV addict

Right now, at the moment, I'm so into talk show series.

Kind of like Oprah, Rachael Ray, Ellen DeGeneres , Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, Tyra show, Jason Lo and oh, Eric Leong.

You name it.

What does these show have in theirs favor?

Well, on the whole, the shows have become somewhat of a pleasure for me. I enjoy every single segment they have. Celebrities, cooking, human lab, make over, talent show, fancy stuffs, infotainment. I just love it! I only discover that I used to be a mini-hoarder and have the symptoms of depression by watching these show. Gulp.

I love reality shows too. Minus Akademi Fantasia from the list, I love Amazing race, Kardashian show, Kimora's Life in the Fab Lane, Celebrity Apprentice and America's Next Top Model. Now, Australia and Britain have their very own top model in the making show too. But obviously, Americans stand out for their so-high-school cat fights and guts to be seen naked on TV.

To name a few of my top list favourite TV series : Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, House, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Prison Break and One Tree Hill. They're my cup of tea of every season. I'll feel something missing in my life if I miss any episode of this series. I'll feel like a promise has been broken. A promise between me and my addiction. Mister TV, of course.

err.. I love Wonder Pets too!


I am truly an addict.

An overdose one.


  1. haha.. ziha.. rilex.. do everything in moderation.. wasadtiyah..

    aku rase ko patut kua berjalan.

  2. erk. btol lah. aku dah tak reti ber wasatiah.

    dah overdose dlm sume perkara. overdose tv. overdose makan. overdose tidur. overdose blogging juga.


  3. haha..
    sume guna ayat wasatiah ni..
    ziha, ko dah overdose buat semua benda ni kan,,
    aku bagi suggestion, ko tak nak try lagi parenting/parenthood ke?
    aku rasa ko mesti occupied gile lepas ni..
    just my "dua kupang"

  4. occupied buat ape?
    parenting atau perkara yang membolehkan aku jadi parent?

    ngehehehehe *kuar tanduk*


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