Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is a birth certificate.



NAME : Noor Izyan

( Unlike mine, her name has been listed in a book entitled NAMA-NAMA ANAK SOLEH DAN SOLEHAH. Please. Don't expect too much. I've known her for a very long time. The name means 'cahaya perhiasan ku' = 'the light of my decoration'. Like decorations on the Christmas tree. See? I've warn you earlier.)

D.O.B : 26th NOVEMBER 1989


WEIGHT : 3.6 kg

(Super big baby. OMG, she's a super-Baby! You know, like.. superMan. But she's a baby then. So, it's superBaby. Not superMan. Or superWoman. Ok. Ok. Shut up, xeea. They got it.)

HEIGHT : unavailable

(Too long to measure. There was no appropriate measurer at that moment. She was the superBaby, remember?)

TIME : unknown

(Early morning. Ayam masih belum berkokok.)

ATTRIBUTES : Bubbly, bob-cut hair, talkative, obsess with orange color and love to wear baju kurung pair with sneakers.

(No. No. She's not a clown that wearing hijab. It's just a pair of orange sneakers. Don't be so mean, guys. Leave her alone.)

FAVORITES : Talking while sleepwalking.

(She talk so much. Even when she is sleeping and walking.)

BAD MEMORIES : Too bad too reveal.

(Top secret, eh. Don't tell her. Cross finger?
Pernah dikejarkan ke hospital sebab sebiji tasbih tersekat dalam lubang hidung. Seram dowh.)

GOLDEN DREAM : To put orange braces in her mouth.

Whatever it takes.

She'll always be my sister.

And I'll always love her.

Happy birthday!

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